Safe Income World For You.

Safe Income World  For You.

Safe Income Options

Our Safe Income Strategies are focused on keeping your money safe, generating a steady reliable income stream you can count on, without the gut wrenching volatility and downside risk of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

There are new safe income options you are probably not aware of. Until recently, they have been closely guarded secrets, known to a small group of originators, a few billionaires and a handful of hedge funds. This group had no incentive to tell you about these options. In some cases they had signed non compete, non disclosure and non circumvent agreements that prevented them from telling you. Now, this multi-billion dollar niche market has been opened to high net worth, accredited investors. We were able to convince the originators to open a new funding channel.

Discount Designer Annuities

Discount Designer Annuities

Yields too high to publish.

Payments are Guaranteed by top rated insurance companies: Allianz, Met Life, NY Life, Prudential, Allstate, Genworth John Hancock etc.

How Discount Designer Annuities work: When someone buys an immediate annuity (SPIA), elects to annuitize a deferred annuity or is receiving a structured settlement annuity payments, they no longer have a surrender option. They are stuck with the payment stream.

The reason is the Insurance Company has locked in a long term low interest liability, and it is making more money on the premiums it receives than the benefit it is paying out. That is how the Insurance Company make its money. The Insurance Company is unwilling to give up its locked in profits. It is locked in its profits by buying long term bonds. If it has to sell the bonds prior to maturity, it could incur investment losses, and this is not fair to its shareholders and other annuity holders.

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